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Johnstown 2024

Johnstown City Manager Ethan Imhoff said the city is planning on progressing several projects in 2024, including possibly making the decision to build a new public safety building.

Imhoff said they were looking at existing buildings throughout this year to move the city’s police and fire departments to. That may no longer be the plan to replace the current building on Washington Street that is nearly 100 years old.

“By the end of 2024 I would like to see completed design drawings and construction plans that we can then shop for funding sources that we can then use to construct a new public safety building,”

One of the sites that was considered was the Frank J Pasquerilla Conference Center according to Imhoff. He said the conference center’s future usage is no longer in question.

“The city is 100 percent committed to the conference center being a conference center for the future, It hosts a lot of events that bring people into town. People who have never been to Johnstown before.”

Officials said they plan to continue moving along the Main Street and Central Park project with more public meetings and finalizing a design. They said the goal is to bid the work out to contractors by the end of the year, and plans are for construction to start 2025.

Imhoff also said they are planning to “revitalize” multiple smaller, neighborhood parks in 2024.

City officials also said the plan is still to get the inclined plane operating again next year.

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