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Jeff Thomas Trial Day 6

Following a lunch recess, the defense called its fourth witness, Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist and legal/medical consultant.

Dr. Wecht testified, via Zoom, that he viewed all of the photos of the alleged victim’s reported injuries and came to the conclusion that “in my opinion, I find no evidence of injury.”

He told the jury that the alleged victim’s black eyes “couldn’t be attributed” to a fist. “I only see faint discoloration and I cannot detect any swelling.”

“I don’t believe she was struck with a fist,” he added.

Dr. Wecht also testified that he did not see any evidence of injury to the alleged victim’s breasts and neck.

The prosecution argued that Dr. Wecht was paid by the defense to review the photos and give his “medical opinions.”

The prosecution also questioned how Dr. Wecht only saw “slight discoloration” after reviewing all of the photos of the alleged victim’s reported injuries.

Prosecutors argued that Dr. Wecht never examined the alleged victim in person and noted that the photos that had been previously shown to the jury did show the alleged victim’s black eyes, as well as bruising to her neck.

Following a brief recess, the defense called two more “character” witnesses to the stand.

The first was a local pastor who testified that he, and others at his church, helped Thomas campaign for his position as District Attorney and told the jury that “he supported him politically.”

“Everything I knew about Jeff was very level-headed,” he told the jury.

“He had solid character; people were excited about his law and order stance, and reducing crime,”

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