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High Speed Chase Update

It was last Thursday when 35 year old Krysten Pretlor of Johnstown led police on a high speed pursuit

Police say Pretlor traveled through multiple counties reportedly reaching speeds of 100 mph before it ended with a crash and gunfire.

Troopers say one of their vehicles executed a pit maneuver to stop Pretlor’s car.

According to the Westmoreland Coroner’s office Pretlor failed to comply with police requests and was shot and killed by troopers.

The final moments leading up to Pretlor’s death are still unclear but his cousin tells me he was fleeing for fear of the outcome.

“He was absolutely guilty of fleeing the police. Honestly, I ask those state troopers and those people in charge that day, why wasn’t Krysten’s life worth it? It was pure fear and terror. He was just terrified.”


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