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Greater Johnstown School District Threat

The Greater Johnstown School District’s administration received a threatening message about a school shooting that’s supposed to occur Tuesday Afternoon.

I spoke with the school’s superintendent as well as some parents and students about the threat and what’s to follow.

“We received a threat that was a direct message to our administration, indicating that tomorrow at a specific time there will be an act of violence towards our school district and the quote was “shooting up the school.”

As a result of the threat the entire school district will be closed Today.

“Buses will not be running. Students should not report to any of the schools in the Greater Johnstown School District tomorrow.”

Dr. Arcurio anticipates that school will resume on Wednesday and urges anyone with information to please come forward.

“If they know of anything or they hear of anything if they could reach out to any one of the teachers or school administration to let them know information that they may have, we would greatly appreciate it.”

“We really want to make sure that this coward act of one or a few individuals doesn’t continue to impact the education of our students.”

I spoke with some parents and students about their reactions to the threat on the school.

“I’m really concerned and I’m glad that they shut the school down. I’m just worried that since they shut it down tomorrow, what’s to say this won’t happen again Wednesday, what’s to say this won’t happen on Friday, next week sometime. It’s never going to end,”

“The way I felt about it was shocking, but I don’t feel like it’s going to happen I feel like everyone is going to be safe. Stay home and just be cautious.”

For more information about the situation follow the Greater Johnstown School Districts updates as they come available

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