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Greater Johnstown School District Arrest

Johnstown police announced Wednesday that two juveniles have been arrested in connection to multiple school shooting threats that was made earlier this week against the Greater Johnstown School District.

“At the end of the day, there is no room whatsoever for this type of behavior,”

As a result of the threats, the district made the decision to close the schools the past two days.

“I had to call all the board members up to ask them, ‘What do we want to do?’ Every one of them was saying, ‘What would you do if this was your kid?’ There’s the answer,”

Superintendent Dr. Amy Arcurio announced that school will resume Thursday.

“The threats that were made against our school district the time frame and the indication of what was to occur has long passed. We feel that there is no need to keep children at home,”

District Attorney Greg Neugebauer confirmed that the two individuals were taken into custody on Wednesday following an investigation into the two, separate threats.

“The speed at which this was investigated is frankly, very similar if not the same as a homicide. That’s how serious we take the safety of our kids. If something new were to come up, it’ll be investigated in the same manor,”

The identities of the two juveniles are not being released, and authorities did not elaborate on the details of the threats that were made.

Greater Johnstown Superintendent Dr. Amy Arcurio says the district is “pleased” with the “swift action” of local law enforcement.

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