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Greater Johnstown Career And Technology Renovations

The Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center will be 58 years old in January. On Tuesday, the center held a celebration to show a completed building renovation during their re-energizing event. The renovation was a part of an energy savings project that took 4 years to complete and officials hope it will extend the life of the building for decades to come.

“People are invited to drive by and see the solar field we put in, This is a project that will pay for itself in 19 years. We will recoup all the money that we put in through the energy savings All of the things we’ve upgraded in this building have been designed to save energy. Every light in the building, over 3 thousand lights are now LED. Every single thing is designed to save energy and make the building more efficient.

The project was a collaboration between several companies, one of them being the Efficiency Network TEN, a Pittsburgh based energy services company that specializes in reducing energy usage.

“Essentially what we were able to do is modernize this entire facility by replacing major components of the infrastructure, That’s going to save money and also prepare the facility to educate and equip the workforce of the future that have been trained and are being trained in this facility for so many years.”

We also spoke with a student from the center. Laura Snyder is studying to become an LPN tells us how the investment into the building impacts the students.

“Just knowing that someone’s committed to making this building comfortable and a place where people like me who’s a mom and works a full-time job and also goes to school full time can get to do those things,”

The Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center also tells us they will soon open a public gymnasium among other things.

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