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Geotechnical Survey Results Complete At Prospect Community

The geotechnical survey results are in for the Prospect Community a Johnstown community that was vacated earlier this year over structural issues.

We sat down with Michael Alberts, the Johnstown Housing Authority’s Executive Director to go over the results.

Alberts says nothing alarming was discovered from the ground survey and the fate of the Prospect Community is still unknown.

“We only have had the report for, let’s see it came in the day that H.U.D. was here so I saw it the next day,”

It was April 27th when Alberts says he received the results of the geotechnical surveys.

“It’s pretty standard. Stuff you would expect to see in a ground survey, But really nothing alarming in that survey.”

Alberts says between April 10th and April 14th Mountain Research L.L.C drilled 32 different holes into the ground there and the results just show some issues with grading and drainage.

“So, the survey basically tells us that there’s nothing more serious that we need to worry about with the grounds,”

Alberts said the future of the Prospect Community is still unknown, but if and when a decision about the community is made – they would have to start repairing the grounds first.

Alberts shared the original blueprints of the Prospect Community from 1942 Wednesday he says it doesn’t share much about the grounds and it only mentions the ceilings once.

For now Alberts says they are pretty much done with inspections of the Prospect Community.

“This structural inspection told us enough about the buildings themselves. This geotechnical survey said the ground that there on is suitable to remain there with a little extra T.L.C,”

“Everything’s still up in the air right now. There’s been no decision made on what’s going to happen.”

Alberts said now its just about getting a full scope of what work would need to be done and a cost estimate until the future of the Prospect Community is known.

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