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Frozen Pipe Repairs

Homes across the region have some significant damage following frigid conditions these past couple of days.

Local contractors tell our Stoker Wieczorek their hands are busy, repairing fire, water, and electrical damages.

Some professionals say that this has been the biggest cold spell they’ve seen in years. And now with temperatures thawing out, the repair process for pipes and walls of homes is now in full swing.

“We’ve got an extreme demand. We’ve got phones ringing off the hook because people’s pipes have broken.”

Lou Mihalko tells me that most of the calls they’re getting are in regards to water damage. They have taken other calls about fire and electrical issues as well.

“You can’t really put a dollar amount on a cost repair. If you can catch it early enough, you may get a few thousand dollars in… Um, but we see them going upwards of thirty, fourty, fifty thousand dollars…”

Experts say that’s why checking your house, before leaving in the winter, is crucial. If you find out that pipes have broken in your home, shut off the flow of water immediately. Use mops, towels, sponges, and a wet dry vacuum if possible.

You may need to shut off the power to your house for a short time, if electrical equipment is involved. Then restore it when the area is clear.

With bigger accidents, studies show that a dehumidifier can save hundreds if not thousands when dealing with indoor damage.

“And not only that. We’re having roof… ice backups on roofs.”

Workers also say that heat tape by your gutters can prevent snow and water buildup from leaking through your ceiling, even if you only have a single story home.

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