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Former President Trump Formally Charged

We begin with the story making headlines all of today.

Former President Trump maintaining his innocence after appearing in a Miami courtroom today, where he pleaded “not guilty” to 37 federal charge involving the alleged mishandling of highly classified u.s. Military documents.

Trump is now the first former U.S. President to face federal charges.

Chris Nguyen has a closer look at what played out inside the courtroom and what’s ahead.

“But they will fail and we will win bigger and bigger and better”

A historic court appearance. For the first time ever a former U.S. President facing Federal charges.

“Food for everyone!” Donald Trump appearing at a popular Cuban Restaurant

Just minutes after his arraignment in Miami inside a Federal Courtroom Tuesday where he pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the 37 federal counts against him

Including allegedly mishandling highly sensitive classified documents and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

“They’ve only charged him with 31 out of the hundreds of documents that they’ve seized.”

During the proceedings witnesses say that Trump appeared somber even scowling during his arraignment.

His aide and co-defendant Walt Nauta appeared with him in court. But didn’t enter a plea because he didn’t have a local attorney.

Nauta is facing six charges including conspiracy to obstruct and concealment for allegedly moving document boxes at Maralago at Trump’s request.

“If they’re anything like the things we presented to Trump in the Oval office, the situation room, the tank at the pentagon, then it could cause enormous damage, uncalculatable damage to the United States.”

Prosecutors told the judge they don’t consider Trump a flight risk and he’s free to leave Florida with no restrictions

Allowing the former President to travel to New Jersey for a campaign fundraiser Tuesday Night as the case polarizes his own party.

“We cannot take this lightly.”

“It’s obvious what the President did was wrong.I just see it as a shame indictment.

“Very problematic. There’s a reason I’m not defending it.”

“I would like to find out all the truth of it. Obviously, if that’s the truth, I’d be very concerned.”


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