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Former Osceola Mills Mayor Sentenced

Former Osceola Mills mayor Ida Reams has been sentenced for her involvement in a 2022 shots fired incident outside a local community food bank.

Officials say Reams appeared in court Monday where she was sentenced to serve four months to one year in jail, followed by one-and-a-half years probation.

Reams was arrested in March of 2022 following an altercation in which police say she allegedly fired multiple shots in the direction of two people who were reportedly playing the online game Pokémon Go.

Since her arrest, authorities say her case had been delayed several times due to rejected plea deals and a lack of cooperation from the victims.

Reams pleaded guilty to two counts each of making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment.

Authorities say she has requested to serve out her sentence from home due to personal health related issues, including an alleged battle with advanced stage cancer.

Officials say Reams has been ordered to report to jail in January where authorities will determine whether or not her request will be granted.

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