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Former DA Files Criminal Complaint

Former Bedford County District Attorney William “Bill” Higgins Jr. has reportedly filed a private criminal complaint against a man following an incident at a local Sheetz store.

Authorities say the man, identified as Charles Horsh, is accused of threatening and harassing the former DA while waiting in line at the Sheetz in Bedford Township on April 1st.

Investigators say Higgins was at the store with his teenage daughter when Horsh allegedly began shouting at him and “challenging him to fight.”

According to the private complaint, Higgins alleges that Horsh made the threats as “retaliation” after he (Higgins) prosecuted Horsh on arson charges during his time as District Attorney.

The complaint states that the two reportedly confronted one another outside the store, at which time Horsh allegedly stated, “I have been waiting for this opportunity for 10 years.”

Authorities say Horsh reportedly shouted numerous obscenities at Higgins during the arguments and stated, “if you lay one finger on me, I will kill you.”

Higgins claims that Horsh then followed him back into the store and continued to “scream” that he was innocent.

“He put me in 10 years for a crime I did not commit.”

According to the private complaint, Horsh faces misdemeanor charges of harassment and disorderly conduct.

A state police release notes that Higgins also faces harassment charges after he was accused of “chest-bumping” Horsh during the argument and threatening to ” him up.”

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