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Forest Hills Board Meeting

A school board meeting was held Tonight at the Forest Hills School District after one of the district’s students committed suicide.

Some community members say they believe this happened because of bullying.

Brandon’s law, would be zero tolerance for bullies.

Hold them accountable for in school suspensions, counseling

Petition for the high school principal to resign

608 Signatures to go to the Department Of Education to file a formal complaint for a investigation.

“I’m positive that with the right people that we will get the change going and change the culture of forest hills back to respect instead of acceptance because we don’t need to accept people, we need to respect them. and I have told the superintendent that i may not like them but i have to respect them.”

Another parent we talked to says her family gets a lot of support from administrators

“I think we’re in the right direction. I have to hand the community and the students. we’re working together which I think is very important process and project. we have implemented a couple of things and it has a great impact with the students right now that are on fire with this,
and I think because it’s student led, I think it really has a chance to take route.”


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