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Family Talks About Southfork Homicide Victim

The family of an Altoona man killed in Cambria County are remembering their loved one and sharing his story tonight.

Our Victoria Langowska was there and spoke with his family.

I spoke with the family of Richard Morgan after they experienced one of the most tragic losses a family can endure. They told me about the aftermath of his death.

Police say Richard Morgan was shot and killed by Austin Kline in South Fork last week. Morgan’s body was discovered Friday night after his family reported him missing.

Kline now faces charges of criminal homicide, aggravated assault, evidence tampering and abuse of a corpse.

His family and neighbors say Morgan was a kind man and can’t understand the reason this happened to him. Police say he was meeting with Kline to do landscaping work when he was killed.

The family, Remembering him for his loving heart but saying his absence is heavily felt.

“He was a good man, he cared about his family, he cared about his grandkids, he liked grilling out so memorial day which just passed was really different, it was super quiet, no steaks and burgers on the grill, it was really different.”

His family tells me, Morgan had recently retired after selling his car park business. His family says that he had bought equipment because he still wanted to work and keep busy while retired. Through advertising on Facebook Marketplace, Morgan met Kline. That was his first job. The family tells us what happened after they noticed Morgan was missing.

“We went right to the state police barracks in Ebensburg and talked to the state police and they launched their investigation right then and there.” 18:31:07 They pinged his phone which is how we were able to find out where his phone was last used.

“It was said by somebody, it was a senseless act of violence. He’d have been the first one to help the kid get a piece of equipment. He would have told the kid where to go, if that’s what it was over.”

Morgan leaves behind 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

“I have a fifteen-month year old. He was a pappy’s boy. Me and Pappy would argue about you know who’s boy he was but hands down you’re never going to win against pap.

“Now there’s moments that go past that, it’s only been six days, but there’s moments that go past that I go, and he’ll pick up my phone. He doesn’t know yet, he’s too young. But he’ll pick up the phone to call and that just, it doesn’t happen. He comes here, he looks. He doesn’t know that he’s just not there.

“He literally had a new grandbaby April 27th, and he only held him one time.”

The family Leaving a stark warning for others.

“The community should see is you never can trust anyone. You need to make sure you check and double check what you’re walking into.”

If you’re interested in helping the family with the funeral funds you can visit the Richard Morgan Gofundme page.

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