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Escaped Inmate Arrested In Johnstown

An escaped Philadelphia prisoner has been captured by U.S. Marshals in the Johnstown area.

29-year old Alleem Bordan escaped custody early Monday morning after being taken to a Philadelphia hospital to receive treatment.

The suspected car thief fled on foot while still handcuffed.

Borden had eluded U.S. Marshals by jumping down a 30-foot embankment and running off.

U.S. Marshals announced details of the arrest, which led them to multiple homes in Johnstown, ending the chase in the crawl space of a home located on David Street in Dale Borough.

Johnstown police, the Cambria County District Attorney’s Office and the Cambria County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the arrest.

Bordan is now jailed in Cambria County and will be extradited back to Philadelphia at a later date.

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