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Disposal of American Flags

American flags are flying across the country this Summer, but what happens to old flags that are worn out or damaged? American Legion officials told us what you can do to properly get rid of your flag. Officials are encouraging community members to bring their flags to a nearby VFW or American Legion Post if it needs to be disposed of. Mark Holsinger – American Legion Post 849 Member saying: “If you have an unusable flag and you’d like to get rid of them, feel free, in our vestibule when you come in, it looks like a mailbox, and we’ll take care of them for you.”

Outside of most VFW or American Legion Posts, you can find boxes labeled for flag disposal. Mark Holsinger with the Richland American Legion says you can drop off a damaged flag at any location, and the post will properly dispose of it. He says its customary to burn a damaged flag. Holsinger adding: “The American flag has to be disposed of in a certain way, with respect. And it has to be burnt when its unusable anymore. And its not a crime to burn the flag when you do it properly. You cut the stars off of them, you fold them, you burn them, you put the stars on top, and there’s a prayer you say over them.”

Holsinger says the VFW can be trusted in taking care of the flags that are being turned in. Holsinger, in closing: “We will honor it, give it the respect it deserves, and take care of it. You’re more than welcome to come any time you want.”

You can contact your local VFW or American Legion Post to learn more.

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