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Deadly Cresson Shooting

We continue to follow the latest after a string of violence last night in Cambria County led to two people being killed.

We begin with gunfire ringing out in Cresson Borough leaving one man dead.

“We have one male laying in the middle of the roadway, again with multiple gunshot wounds.”

A man found shot to death in Cresson Borough just before Midnight Sunday Evening.

The male seems to be in his early thirties according to Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees.

“This is an ongoing, active investigation and all leads and all information is being pursued at this time.”

Not much information is being released by officials at this time but they say they are starting to gather some details.

“We have some information on what may have led to the event. Obviously, we’re not going to go into detail with that publicly.”

A resident in the small town of Cresson say they’re shocked, And worried with the shooter still on the loose.

“No I would not expect anything like this in Cresson and it’s kind of scary, especially having two younger kids. It’s just scary being a parent still having the suspect at large so I’m hoping that they find them and get them
into custody.”

And she has this message for others nearby.

“Everybody be on the lookout and be safe and hopefully they’ll find this person.”

“Early on in the investigation and we’ll continue to work this.”

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