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Police Searching For Suspect In Johnstown Shooting

We have more details now on a dispute between two brothers suddenly turning violent late last night in Cambria County

Police say a man died after being shot in the heart with a cross-bow in Johnstown.

And the shooter is still at large Tonight.

Police say Alfredo Cabrera called 911 after being shot in the heart with a crossbow on the front porch of his Bedford Street home.

They say he was rushed to the emergency room, but was pronounced dead by Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees shortly after.

Authorities say the victim’s 10-year-old son witnessed Cabrera and his brother Phillip Bermudas arguing before Cabrera was shot.

Bermudas left the scene and police say they located his vehicle with a short crossbow inside the vehicle.

Officials say they’re still searching for Bermudas Tonight.

“We believe it was a family dispute that escalated and turned violent, there is one individual that we’d like to talk to, Phillip Bermudas. He does have some relatives in the area.”

And take a look at you screen this is a recent photo of Philip Bermudez.

Authorities say if you have any information on Bermudez’s whereabouts, you should contact the Johnstown Police or the Cambria County 911 number.

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