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Curve Players Visit Altoona Miracle League

Before taking on the Binghamton Rumble Ponies on Saturday some players of the Altoona Curve paid a visit to the Blair County Miracle League.

Curve pitcher Brad Case made the stop last year at the Miracle League and says this is something that he looks forward to every year.

“Just seeing how much energy everybody brings here,” said Case. “Every time a kid hits a ball you know you see their face light up and it’s pretty great for them.”

The Miracle League works to prove that everyone can play the game they love no matter what their limitations are. Brad says it’s important to grow the game and allow everyone a chance to play.

“The players, we step up and we do stuff like this to inspire people to want to come to the games and be a part of it and baseball has always been such a community sport,” said Case. “It’s important that we get to know the people that live here too and have fun with them.”

President of the Blair County Miracle League Joe Reed says that the players have been looking forward to the Curve’s visit for a while. He says that all of their volunteers make it possible and that it never feels like work.

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