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Controversy At Northern Cambria School Board Meeting

Controversy at a Cambria County School Board meeting this evening

After a school official is accused of calling a student who’s a minor an expletive

Bill Stine attended the Northern Cambria School Board meeting this evening to address an alleged interaction between Board President Dr. Kevin Krug and his 17 year old daughter,

At last week’s graduation Stine’s daughter claimed Krug said good luck to her followed by an expletive.

Stine then added that Krug sent his daughter text messages and a voicemail days later claiming that she misunderstood him.

At Tonight’s meeting Krug who coached Stine’s daughter in softball said he referred to her as pitch since she was a pitcher on the team

“I would just like him to take accountability for what he’s done, move forward and be a man and not hide behind things like he did today. He tried to stop me in the meeting from talking. I had a bunch of time left. A couple of the other board members tried to adjourn the
meeting because I was talking about a sensitive subject. He didn’t want to hear what he said, didn’t want to take accountability for his own words, which are on voicemail.”

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