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Community Reactions To Fatal Johnstown Fire

In the wake of Wednesday’s tragic fatal house fire, we are learning more about how the community is rallying together to help their neighbors.

On Thursday, authorities identified the young man who lost his life as 22-year-old Grant Jeanjaquet, a nursing student at Saint Vincent College.

His family told investigators that he was getting ready for his senior year and had goals to enlist in the Navy as a nurse after graduation.

As a graduate of Bishop McCort High School, Grant was described as an “all-American kid” by his former coaches and principal.

He was one of the captains of the football team, and a star basketball player.

He was also a straight-A student and someone his classmates adored and looked up to.

“He went way above and beyond, as you can see, we’re really hurting here and it’s a testament to him and the life he lived as a person and the role model he set,”

Principal Smith said they all have to be strong because that’s what Grant would’ve wanted.

“He was a very strong individual and overcame a lot of adversity in his own life, and I think that’s what made him really special on the outside, but when you peeled that back, that big strong kid, you saw his heart, he had a heart of gold.”

Investigators say his family was also in the house during the fire. The West Hills Deputy Fire Chief said his father and his younger brother were discharged from the hospital Wednesday night.

Authorities say his mother and both of his sisters are still in the hospital, with one of his sisters still in critical condition, and the community is doing everything they can to make sure the family gets all the help they need.

The staff at S&T Bank, on Scalp Avenue, has set up a clothing drive and Bishop McCort shared a link to a GoFundMe created for the family.

“We know that faith and God will help put us on the other side, together, and help us focus on the life that Grant had and know that he’s in a better place and focus on his family being able to heal in the future.”

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