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Coach Tomlin Tuesday

If the snow has you bummed out be excited for Tomlin Tuesday

And for the fact that Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick could return sooner than later

Fitzpatrick had an emergency Appendectomy on Saturday for his Appendix

Not even 24 hours later the star secondary player was on the sidelines to witness the win against the New Orleans Saints

Head Coach Mike Tomlins said that Fitzpatrick was involved but limited at practice and the Steelers are happy with his progress following the surgery

Sunday will be a pivotal AFC North battle As the Steelers get ready to host the Cincinnati Bengals

The division foes may still be without WR Jamar Chase who has been on the I.R.

But the Bengals have plenty of weapons inducing RB Joe Mixon who scored 5 Td’s before the bye against Carolina

Tomlin broke down the challenges that Mixon poses for their defense

This is the current layout of the AFC North

Ravens on top

Bengals 2nd at 5-4

Browns beat the Steelers week 3 which is why they are 3rd in the division rankings

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