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Closing Arguments In Wood Street Homicide

A homicide trial continues in Cambria County but both sides resting their case today.

Brock Owens explains what happened in the court room and what the next step is

The final two witnesses took the stand for the prosecution Monday as they attempt to convince the jury that Qwante Rose is responsible for the death of Jaydin Sanderson.

Both testimonies on Monday focusing on the claim Rose confessed to the shooting.

One witness even saying Rose is a Cousin.

They claim that within a few days of Sanderson being found dead on New Year’s Day 2022 in Johnstown’s Hornerstown neighborhood, Rose told them that he shot Sanderson from the back seat Between Sanderson’s seat and head rest after directing her to drive to Wood Street.

The defense argues that earlier testimony from experts say the shot had to have been from at least a foot away because of a lack of gun shot residue on Sanderson.

Defendants also say the testimony is unreliable because the witness claimed Rose told him he moved Sanderson’s leg to make a light go off on the car but did not mention that when the witness previously testified in the preliminary hearing.

Rose’s DNA being on Sanderson’s pant leg is one piece of evidence prosecutors have argued connects Rose to the killing.

Prosecutors rest their case Monday and after the defense calling one person to the stand they did too.

Rose did not testify in the case

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