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Clearfield County Power Outages

Some people in Clearfield County are still without power days after the storm that rolled through this weekend.

Utility companies are rushing to get power back online and community services are becoming available to those affected.

As Stoker Wieczorek reports officials say they have already made big progress.

“This particular storm impacted more than twice as many customers as the preceding storm.”

On Saturday 121 thousand of Penelec’s 600 thousand customers experienced disruptions in the power grid. Clearfield County around 9000 customers in the dark. Officials say that number now stands at 1000.

“Penelec had more than 50,000 customers knocked out, not this past Saturday, but the previous weekend. We were working on getting some of those customers restored midweek, when this storm began to set itself up.”

Penelec spokesperson, Todd Meyers says the fact that consecutive weekends have seen high demand for services makes it a challenge keeping the same pace in repairing down lines. He says the widespread nature of the storm was also a

“Another thing about this storm. A lot of times we can start restoration very quickly. In this particular storm, we can’t go up in the bucket trucks when winds are 40 miles an hour or more.”

That’s why Meyers says to make sure you have water, non perishable foods, and blankets. Experts also advise you to not go near or try to clear the downed wires. They say wires with tension can snap and hit you as well as shock you
to death. Shelters have reportedly been provided by municipalities including the Madera Volunteer Fire Company.

People in Clearfield County tell me their power has been brought back but say they know people who are still without it.

Experts estimate power to be restored to the majority of those still without power by Tuesday evening.

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