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City Of Dubois And Sandy Township Officials Hold Consolidation Meeting

We have the latest now on the joint board meeting that was held tonight to discuss the consolidation of the City of Dubois and Sandy Township.

Zac Kaye was there and tells us how the meeting went and what’s next

The joint board met here tonight and laid out some of the deadlines that they need to hit. The meeting ended with comments from the board members who all seemed happy to be back on track.

The meeting featured all five council members from the City of Dubois and all five supervisors from Sandy Township.

Dubois Mayor Pat Reasinger and Sandy Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Mark Sullivan were the board’s co-chairmen.

In June Sandy Township filed a lawsuit seeking a pause in the consolidation due to the ongoing investigation of former Dubois City Manager Herm Suplizio.

Sullivan talks about how they originally didn’t want to move forward before the forensic audit on the City of Dubois was completed but their stance has changed since then.

“We believe that there have been enough internal audits completed that we don’t believe any funding to be missing from sandy township. Dubois City is actually the victim here.”

The joint board voted to amend a few items from their original consolidation plan that was voted on back in 2021. They decided to disband the subcommittees that were created and to not have a joint board solicitor.

Instead they voted that subcommittees will be formed based on need and each municipality will have and pay for their own solicitor.

Reasinger talks about how acting Dubois City Manager Chris Nasuti and Sandy Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh have been working hand-in-hand to get this process going again.

“We all have a common goal, we’re working towards a common goal, great plans, Shawn and Chris are fabulous people and they’ll move us along, it’ll get done.”

The joint board say that they will meet every third Wednesday of each month at six Pm.

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