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Centre Region Sewer Authority Billing Dispute

A billing dispute between State College Borough and the Centre region’s main sewage authority is now a court suit with the authority claiming that the borough owes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The lawsuit stems from action taken by the University Area Joint Authority, which provides wastewater treatment for most of the Centre County region.

Late last year, the authority approved a higher rate to process the borough’s sewage.

State College owns and operates its own system to process sewage which is transported to U.A.J.A. for treatment and disposal.

The borough previously had an agreement for more than 20 years with the authority.

This past April, the borough’s legal counsel notified the authority that they had ” concerns” about the new rates and would continue to withhold full payments.

According to the recently filed lawsuit in Centre County Court of Common Pleas, as of October 4th, the authority claims the borough owes them just over $400,000.

In the suit, the authority states the court has exclusive jurisdiction to determine questions involving rates and service.

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