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Centre County YMCA

Organizations are being asked to help those in need for a fundraiser Tomorrow in Centre County which points to the power of networking.

Attention shoppers. You may wonder why were saying that while in the parking lot at the Spring Creek Elementary School. We’ll show you whats inside in a few moments. Its all part of a fundraiser
with Walmart, the State College School District and the Centre County YMCA to help feed people in need in two counties in our region

In the school gym, eight tractor trailer loads of new merchandise from Walmart,donated to the YMCA. Whats here? Its easier to list whats not here

“Its a great opportunity to get things for kids going back to college.actually its a great time to Christmas shop if you have kids”

Sales manager here, Mel Curtis. Talking about everything from tv’s, microwaves, grilles to bicycles, clothes and other items that will be on sale Saturday at 40 percent off prices. We usually see
Curtis at the YMCA’s anti-hunger food distribution events. Those events are on the increase

“Every distribution were doing right now, were running out of food in an hour or less,were seeing that many people. the larger distributions were seeing 5 to 7 hundred individuals”

And so the YMCA is doing alot of networking, with corporate sponsors, community members and others to find new sources of funding and support

“Although i’m sitting around alot of merchandise,housewares,whatever, this is whats going to make that program going so we can have food available for families”

In the past year and half, the Centre County YMCA’s anti-hunger programs has distributed more than 3.7 million pounds of food in Centre and Clearfield Counties

Doors open here at the Spring Creek Elementary School at 9 o’clock Saturday Morning.

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