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Centre County Prison Recreational Facilities

In Centre County, a number of human rights advocates, and others, continue to push county leaders for improved recreational facilities at the county prison.

Officials say a newly formed committee will now take an extended look at the proposal.

At the Centre County Correctional Facility, inmates, unless they’re on work release, don’t see direct sunlight.

While not unusual, only about 20-percent of county prisons statewide have outdoor recreational areas for inmates.

At Centre County’s jail, there’s a gym with each housing unit, and at one end, a portal can be opened for fresh air.

The county prison has repeatedly been designated as “in full compliance” with state Department of Corrections regulations, which also calls for inmates to be given a daily opportunity of up two hours of physical exercise.

In recent months, calls for an outdoor recreation area at the Centre County jail have increased.

At a prison board meeting Thursday, it was decided that a committee, headed by county District Attorney Bernie Cantorna, will review the issue.


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