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Centre County Poll Workers

Getting enough volunteers to work the polls for next week’s election has been a challenge n many counties.

As Gary Sinderson reports a call for help was issued early and in Centre County, officials now say they expect to be fully staffed.

As of this week, Centre County’s voter total

“We have 107,476 registered voters in Centre County.that is up 502 from my last report. the democrat registrants are 45,387”

The Republican voter total in Centre County is close to 42,600, and voters with no party affiliation is just under 15,000.

The county does have an elections office and employees, but like many places, twice a year on election days-hundreds of volunteers are needed for the more than 85 voting precincts throughout Centre County

Along with those doing other work. Earlier this year.with elections under greater scrutiny, concerns about getting enough volunteers. But now, they’re ready to go for next Tuesday

“Yeah,were in pretty good shape.obviously its a challenge, hopefully we have the level of participation we require at this point, our staff is busy right now with last minute details”

A reminder all precincts open next Tuesday, at 7AM.

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