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Central Cambria Elementary School Transition

Administrators in the Central Cambria School District are working to help transition Jackson Elementary students to their new school following last month’s merger decision

Officials announced a new committee of parents and Central Cambria employees at a school board meeting Tonight. They say its goal is to prepare former third through fifth grade Jackson Elementary students for Cambria Elementary.

Just last month, the Central Cambria School Board voted in favor of partly consolidating its two elementary schools, bringing 100 Jackson Elementary students to Cambria Elementary.

Now, Superintendent Jason Moore says they’re trying to help these students adjust before the school year starts.

He says several meetings and events will be held throughout the Summer, like a fun day for Jackson Elementary students to meet Cambria teachers and students…and ride their new bus routes.

“The kids seem very excited. Obviously there’s some anxiousness and anxiety that goes along with the change in every school year. But our school counselors are fantastic. Our principals as well as the teachers are going to make
sure it’s as smooth of a transition as possible.”

He says the events are open to all Jackson and Cambria elementary students and parents. You can contact the district for more information.

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