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Cambria County Homicide Leaves Community On Edge

Investigators, including the secret service, the Cambria County District Attorney’s office, plus State and Adams Township Police say 53-year-old David Comar died of multiple gunshot wounds early Saturday morning on Poling lane. Authorities say they are requesting assistance from the secret service. They say his alleged killer is among us.

One person who was nearby at the time says “Didn’t hear a thing at 4 o’clock or whatever time it was. So, I don’t know why. We usually can hear stuff pretty clear up here at night.”

People who were near the crime scene when it happened say Comar was a helpful man. They describe how they feel, after finding out what happened.

“It was just very surprising and very scary. We have never really considered a ring doorbell or ring camera, but now that’s something that is probably going to be on our Christmas wish list this year.”

Cambria County District Attorney, Greg Neugebauer, says this incident is targeted, and says authorities don’t believe there is danger to the public. He explained how this is determined saying “We look at the facts and circumstances of each case, as they are known to us, to begin to formulate an idea of what happened, and why it happened.”

Crime stoppers is still offering $4,000 to anyone with information. You can contact them by calling 1-800-548-7500.

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