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Cambria County COVID-19 Testing Site

A free COVID-19 testing site has been open all week in Somerset County, but officials say not too many people have stopped by.

AMI Healthcare runs the free COVID-19 testing site in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and officials say there are a few reasons why fewer people are using the testing sites compared to the last few years.

AMI Healthcare officials say they have had some people come through this week, but not as many as they’ve had in the early days of the pandemic

Officials say one of the main reasons is because the Coronavirus has quote: calmed down a little bit and many people can just go see their primary doctor for a covid test

Even though only a few people have stopped by for a COVID-19 test, AMI Healthcare officials say having them is still important for those in every community who may or may not have a doctor or insurance

“They can just come here, get a test. We are willing to do the test for them. It’s not a long wait. They are in and out. We give them their results and they can go on about their day.”

AMI Healthcare will be moving the testing site from Somerset County to Cambria County next week and will be offering PCR tests, rapid tests and at home tests for free at the Univeristy of Pittsburgh at Johnstown starting Tuesday.

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