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Cambria County Courthouse Has No Heat

The Cambria County Courthouse has been without heat for about two months now, that’s according to the President Judge.

And a big part of that reason, he says, is because of supply chain issues.

We spoke with Judge Norman Krumenacker Tuesday about this issue and he says they are currently fixing the heat.

In the meantime the employees, including himself, will continue to bundle up.

“Well, we’ve been without heat for a little over two months now,”

Judge Krumenacker tells us many courthouse employees, including himself, are bundling up while at work.

“As you can see right here in my office, it’s probably in the low forties at best and the courtrooms, I think today are colder than it is outside,”

Krumenacker adds the furnace went and was supposed to be fixed around August and September but because of, “supply chain issues, an issue with the boiler when it was cast has pushed us way down the schedule and we’ve just sucked it up”.

Now, to stay warm besides wearing hats, gloves and blankets many employees now have portable heaters in their offices.

“Technically you’re not allowed to have space heaters in the courthouse, but we’ve been flexible about that. Everybody’s been monitoring them, because if you draw too much electricity, we could burn the place down because once you’re passed the wall socket there’s a lot of very very old wiring. Some offices are nice and toasty some of them are cold, the court rooms are like refrigerators which has sort of been a positive because the lawyers get their work done and get moving”.

Currently crews are working on installing two new furnaces in the courthouse basement.

“This is industrial grade, heavy duty heating, You know, the furnace will heat the courthouse, the second furnace then will be put in and they use them back and forth”.

Krumenacker hopes by this Friday the furnace will be installed and there will be heat again in the Cambria County Courthouse. He also gives a shoutout to the employees who have remained positive throughout this time with no heat.


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