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Brush Fire Risk on the Rise

The dry weather and low humidity are leading Officials to advise the public of the potential Brush Fire risks. One happened just as our Stoker Wieczorek was interviewing Officials. Authorities tell us many brush fires that occur could have been prevented. They say ones they saw on Monday are examples.

Experts forecast this season with a high risk of Wildfires. Fire Forester Mandy Burgoon says the humidity levels she is seeing right now, are unique to this area, and this time of year. Burgoon says this is why the season will be different from the past and why you should consider refraining from starting a fire this week. She also says that Fire Departments will probably be busy this week and that if you end up being in a hot situation, this may quote: “Spread them thin.”

While we were interviewing Mandy, a Brush Fire was stoked in Blair County by what Officials say was a man made burn-pile on Hollern Road in Antis Township. Fire Chief David McCloskey says if his team didn’t get there as quick as they did, this fire would have been more devastating.

Officials and a local Resident who witnessed one of these fires share their points of view. Mandy Burgoon – Fire Forester District 6 Gallitzin State Forest saying: “It started when we didn’t get that much snow, or moisture, over the winter. So all the fine fuels on the forest floor are not packed down like a magazine. They’re all fluffy.” Donna Williamson, a Blair County Resident adding: “I thought, where’s that fire truck going? And I thought uh oh. And I was hoping it wasn’t a neighbor… or anything got hurt, or a wreck or anything. I just got up and noticed the field across the street was on fire. It was starting to come down the bank and I saw it going up the power line.”

Officials also say to not fly drones near the fires, as this can make it dangerous for responding aircraft to put out the flames.

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