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Blair County High Speed Chase Update

Authorities say an Altoona man is behind bars after leading police on a highspeed chase and crashing with his two children in the car.

According to the Altoona Police Department, an officer saw a vehicle being driven by Gino Saullo Jr. run a red light while turning onto Union Avenue Monday.

The officer said he tried to pull Saullo’s vehicle over, but the vehicle instead sped away resulting in a pursuit.

Police say Saullo’s vehicle reached speeds more than 80 miles per hour as he ran multiple red lights, drove down a wrong way and nearly caused multiple crashes.

They say eventually Saullo’s vehicle ran another red light, at Union and 6th avenues, and was t-boned by an oncoming jeep.

Police say they then saw Saullo running away from the crash before jumping a chain link fencing an entering a nearby yard.

Officers then tased Saullo and took him into custody, according to the complaint.

While being handcuffed, police say Saullo asked officers to check on his kids who were in the vehicle when he crashed.

Other officers on scene said both children had to be taken to the hospital.

When asked why he ran, police say Saullo explained he had a felony warrant and wanted to avoid going to jail.

He explained that he had just taken his kids to the park and was on the way back when they encountered police, the complaint says.

Police say they asked Saullo why he didn’t stay and help his children after the crash to which he responded, he wanted to “get away” from the situation.

Police say the other driver in the crash wasn’t injured.

Saullo is now being held in the Blair County Prison.

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