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Blair County Drug Trends

Drug-related violence is on the rise according to Blair County officials.

Brock Owens was at a Chamber Breakfast this morning where the District Attorney spoke about the latest drug trends in the county.

Blair County District Attorney Pete weeks says the rise in drug usage across the county is leading to more violent crime.

Weeks says in the coming months sentencing guidelines in Pennsylvania could become more loose for judges.

“And the lack of certainty from judge to judge as far as what sentence you get, and whether that drug trafficker would be incarcerated instead of just being given probation or a slap on the wrist.”

He says the community suffers with increased drug crimes.

“Unlike heroine where the drug itself does not make the user inherently violent, methamphetamine does. Unfortunately our community continues to see a rise in drug related violence.
What I also see is that those who sell and use drugs within our community are responsible for the overwhelming majority of all non-drug crimes.”

Theft, assault, and homicide are crimes weeks mentions.

A county record for drug overdose deaths was set last year Weeks says. He also says drug traffickers and users being released in the community is at the highest it has been.

“I have very little patience or tolerance for drug crime and drug trafficking.”

Weeks says that he wants a proactive approach for getting drug traffickers off the streets and insists on harsher punishments for drug crimes.

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