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AAHS Recognizes First Responders

The Altoona Area School District is recognizing First Responders who assisted with the 9-1-1 hoax calls warning of an active shooter last month inside the High School. Responders were recognized at the Altoona Curve on Tuesday, where the Mountain Lions played against Chambersburg.

Nearly two weeks ago, students, parents, and teachers at multiple school districts in our area were on edge over reports of an active school shooter. They later found out that their worries were for nothing. However, police let them know they are here to help.

On Tuesday, Responding members were thanked by Attendees at a baseball game. Superintendent Assistant Haylee Fleegle says this special event was possible because of Athletic Director Phil Riccio and Media Relations Director Paula Foreman, who she says reached out to the First Responders.

Administrators say each Officer and Representative at the game was given a shirt saying ‘Altoona Proud’ which Fleegle says symbolizes the communities gratefulness for what they did on March 29th. Fleegle saying: “We’re fortunate to have the School District Police Force that works closely with us, on a day-to-day basis. But we also have a community of First Responders that was there within seconds. So, to know that everyone was there, ready to respond so quickly, gave such peace to our Teachers, our parents, our children. For everyone to know that we can count on them at a moment’s notice, is huge for everyone.”

Attendees say they are grateful that the Officers’ training seems to have paid off.

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