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90 Plus Dogs Rescued From Bedford County Home

More than ninety dogs were brought here to the Bedford County Humane Society last night and volunteers say they were here until one in the morning making the dogs as comfortable as they could be.

New Year’s quickly became busy for the Bedford County Humane Society. The shelter manager says that they can comfortably fit about forty-five dogs and that after last night they have about one-hundred and fifteen.

“We had to put big dogs in small crates and that stresses them out and so I don’t like doing that but we had to do it we had no choice.”

Pennsylvania State Police say they are still investigating why the owners of a house on Old Route 220 had 96 dogs. The Central Pa Humane Society says that the dogs were ‘living in their own feces in crates.’

Ramsey says all of the dogs are in the process of getting groomed and that they are starting to schedule vet appointments. She says there is still a lot to get done but they are working as fast as they can.

“So hopefully it won’t take so long, you know a couple weeks and we should be able to put them up for adoption, because we want them to find loving homes, they certainly deserve that.”

Ramsey says they posted on Facebook last night asking for help from the community and the response was just overwhelming. There were hundreds of people that stopped by Monday to donate things like food and cleaning supplies, and help clean up the dogs. One of them talks about why she decided to come and help.

“I normally live up in Pittsburgh for school but it’s my community and with everything going on this is just a terrible circumstance and I just wanted to help because 90 dogs, that’s a lot so we need help we can get out here.”

The Humane Society is asking anyone who may want a dog to please come and look at the options they have here.

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