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Windber Area School District Threat

Officials with the Windber Area School District say local law enforcement investigated an alleged threat against the school this week.

According to a letter sent to students and parents within the district, school officials reportedly learned of the threat rumor on Wednesday afternoon.

District Superintendent Michael Vuckovich says a student had allegedly made threats to “shoot up” the school.

Officials say the district’s safety protocols were implemented and local authorities were contacted to investigate the source of the threat.

Upon further investigation, school officials say police learned that the student reportedly lived several hours away and stated that students and staff were not in imminent danger.

Officials did not identify the student nor did they confirm where he/she resides, however, Windber Borough Police did contact the local police department where the student lives to “take appropriate action.”

Superintendent Vuckovich reminded parents in the letter to speak with their children about reporting such threats to school officials by using the Safe2Say app.

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