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Westmont Threat Update

Police continue to investigate a threat left on the door of Westmont Hilltop Junior Senior High School, that closed school district wide today.

Crispin Havener talked to investigators about the letter and their suspect.

That letter that kept students and teachers at Westmont Hilltop home Today was described by Upper Yoder’s Police Chief as not only credible but also threatened the safety of both students and teachers.

That suspect can be seen here in this still image: with dark hair, wearing glasses, a pink sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, and black and white sneakers.

Upper Yoder Police Chief John Blake told me it was a very lengthy and well thought out letter that contained credible threats toward the safety of Westmont students and teachers alike.

He wouldn’t go into what exactly they were threatening to do but he said they are running down leads as to who the person is.

And with questions still pressing about continued safety issues that have popped up in the district in recent years, Chief Blake says it’s something they aren’t taking lightly and it is a problem they have to stop immediately.

“It is very frustrating because we are concerned about our students and teachers and their safety and it’s very frustrating that these threats keep coming in.”

No word yet on if school will resume Tomorrow.

Anyone with information on the case can call Upper Yoder Police…their number again is on your screen: 814-255-6227.


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