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United Band Trip

The United High School Band trip to Florida was cancelled after the over $50,000 raised for the trip was allegedly stolen.

United band leaders say they were supposed to go in late March but are now joining Penns Manor’s band next week.

United executive drum major Jared Donelson said, “When we found out the trip was cancelled it was really devastating and I think everyone in the band felt it.”

United assistant drum major Sydni Fyock said, “We’re immensely grateful for Penns Manor and I am so grateful that we still get our trip because I was so excited to go this year.”

Penns Manor band leaders said they see United joining them as a positive.

Penns Manor co-drum major Silas Bothell said, “I feel like it was a good way to find good in a really bad situation.”

This is the second, and final, rehearsal for the two bands before making the trip next week.

When we marched together our last practice it went a lot smoother than I thought, Penns Manor senior drum major Bailey Horn said. “I think we’ve already just kind of merged as one.”

“By us reaching out to help them,” Horn said, “I think it’s just helping us all realize that music is a way that we can bring each other together. and lift each other up.”

Band leaders said they are leaving for Florida on Monday, April 10 and marching at Universal Studios April 12.

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