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Thunder in the Valley Begins

The 25th Annual Thunder in the Valley is officially underway in Johnstown. People from across the country are flocking to the city to attend. We’ve spoken to some local businesses to see what it means to them to be participating in Thunder in the Valley.

The event brings thousands of visitors to the area to enjoy live music, vendors, and of course, motorcycles. The event lasts from Thursday to Sunday and provides a big boom for local businesses. Pat Martella of Stadium Pub and Grille saying: “It’s huge for this area. In the industry, the first quarter of the year with winter and coming into spring. This is huge, it brings a lot of people into this town and we get to see people who haven’t been here since last year for the event.” Martella tells us he is even able to have his own event within the Rally. Martella adding: “It means the beginning of Summer for us. There’s a lot of events through the city.”

Business owners encourage the public to get out and experience the city. Martella adding: “When people say there’s nothing to do in Johnstown, they’re just not getting out of their houses. Visit Johnstown does a great job of bringing events into the city.”

The Rally lasts thru Sunday afternoon.

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