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Summer COVID-19 Rise

COVID cases have been on the rise across the country as summer comes to an end.

As the school year starts again, it is important to know what diseases are considered the biggest threat.

Multiple Penn State students and faculty members said that they are hoping that this rise in cases is not here to stay as the university returned to classes on Monday.

State College is a crowded place during the school year, making it an easy place for diseases to spread.

While the COVID-19 public health emergency officially ended on May 11, hospitalizations have increased by nearly 22% nationwide just in the past week.

One Penn State student says this recent rise in cases does worry him and talked about how his daily life was so much different during the pandemic.

“I’m used to interacting with people, I’m used to talking, I’m used to making new friends, I’m used to introducing my program, volunteering activities, my non-profit organization that I run here at Penn State. It has to do with engagement with people.”

The CDC has reported that the EG5 variant is the most dominant in the United States during this recent surge and the World Health Organization classified it as a “variant of interest.”

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