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State Of The Commonwealth Event

It’s been one month that Pennsylvania has gone without a State budget for this fiscal year.

The hangup in Harrisburg is starting to impact counties all across the Commonwealth Who rely on tate funding to provide services to their residents.

That State budget was the topic of discussion today at the State of the Commonwealth Address.

It took place in Johnstown this morning.

State Representative Frank Burns says he’s hearing that the budget should be signed by next month.

It already passed in both chambers and is currently sitting in the Senate waiting for a signature.

It can then head to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

Both Burns and Senator Wayne Langerholc outlined the impacts

That the money from the budget could bring to Cambria County and the Greater Johnstown area.

The State budget total is 45.5 billion dollars

With about 78 percent of that consisting of money earmarked for human services and education.

Burns also highlighted a new line item in the budget 50 million dollars for emergency relief for hospitals.

“………….If this money can come here and relieve some of that burden that affects all of us then we need to go after that money for sure.”

Other items higlighted include a 114 million dollar increase for State Police

And a 178 million dollar increase for Corrections across the State.

Also during the address Senator Langerholc touched on his role with the Tranportation Committee

And stressed the importance of continuing to develop transportation around the Johnstown area.

That includes aviation programs at the airport to meet the need for pilots and techs.

He also addressed his efforts to increase passenger rails and the role it plays bringing in more people to the area.

“………So that’s one componenet, we’re very happy to be moving forward with that.”

Senator Langerholc says he believes the region is as strong as it’s ever been.

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