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State College Parking Garage Sinkhole

Dozens of people lined up to be let into the garage.

Officials said that, due to safety concerns, they are only allowing groups of 20 people at a time into the structure to retrieve their vehicles.

The road leading into the Eisenhower garage and a portion of Shortlidge Road are closed off.

This all comes at the start of move-in week, leaving some families with more time with their kids than they might’ve thought.

“The cop stopped us and told us we weren’t allowed in the building, and the building was actually being surveyed by engineers right now because there’s a sinkhole in the building. They said it wasn’t stable and we weren’t allowed to enter the building, so my wife got all upset because we were leaving, she was sad to leave my son at college. Turns out God didn’t want it that way and he wanted to keep us here.”

Engineering teams have been evaluating the structure throughout the day and there is no update on when the parking garage will be reopened to the public.

Officials say a sinkhole at the Eisenhower Parking Deck on Penn State’s University Park campus has left people stranded for hours.

Penn State officials say the sinkhole appeared at about noon Wednesday.

The parking facility was full of cars from workers to campus visitors.

No one was able to get to their cars until about 2:30 p.m.


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