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Spring Farms Elementary School Update

Officials in the Southern Huntingdon County School District say the hole where the heating oil tank once laid at Spring Farms Elementary has been covered now that the damaged tank and affected soil have been removed.

There are still numerous tests that need to be done by the district as the area needs to be monitored for contamination.

With Spring Farms students at the high school/middle school building for the rest of this school year, the district has to decide by may first how to move forward with plans for next year.

“We would have to know by may one what we’re going to do to prepare for next year. so when you look at the time it’s going to take to drill wells, do core samples, that is a concern.
there’s also concerns of vapor releases under the building, the building is approximately twenty feet away from the releases. so if there’s oil under the building, that could cause a concern.”

There are two options:

All of the Spring Farms students will stay in the high school/middle school building next year.

Or 4th and 5th grade students stay at the high school/middle school, and kindergarten through 3rd grade students attend classes at Shade Gap and Rockhill elementary schools.

These scenairos will be decided at the next school board meeting on March 15 at the high school.


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