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Somerset County Inmate Injured

Makenna Yutzy of Somerset says officers at the Somerset County Jail severely injured her boyfriend, Wayne Sherlock, who is an inmate there.

“Three C.O.’s (correctional officers), not sure exactly how it happened. They detained him, and then continued to pick him up and then throw him down on the ground, and then broke his hip, his femur, his jaw, and busted his teeth out.” Yutzy says.

According to court documents he is currently facing drug possession and delivery-related charges.

“I got a phone call from the hospital, and they told me it was bad. Then I felt really sad and scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen. And then he told me the rest of it, and what all was broke. Then I was really angry.”

As of Thursday, local police say they are currently investigating and did not provide any more details.

“I hope this never happens again. That justice will be served. That the officers will be held accountable.”

Yutzy says she plans to file a lawsuit related to this alleged incident.

Again, authorities have not confirmed any details about this alleged incident, other than that they are investigating.

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