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Severe Case Of Elder Abuse

Headed to trial. That’s the status of what prosecutors term a “horrific” case of elder abuse in Centre County and there is also still the possibility of more charges being filed in the case.

Loretta Stokes-Mcclusick, of Snow Shoe, was arraigned late last month after a lengthy investigation in which police say an 84-year-old woman, who was under her care, had to be hospitalized in an emergency care unit after nearly dying.

According to police, the woman was found alone, outside, in a wheelchair.

In the criminal complaint, police further describe her medical condition, saying she had injuries and holes so deep that you could see her bones, she had maggots crawling on her, and her blood pressure was the lowest medical personnel had ever seen in a person.

Prosecutors now confirming that they are still considering more criminal charges, financial in nature, against Stokes-Mcclusick.

The elderly woman, who doctors and police say was subjected to the horrific conditions, did survive.

Stoke Mcclusick waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday and she remains free on bail.

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