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Rosado-Guzman Verdict

A Centre County man is guilty of Third Degree Murder. That’s the Verdict in this week’s Trial of Fernando Rosado-Guzman, who was convicted of stabbing another man to death last Summer in Philipsburg.

Over the course of two days, a Centre County Trial Jury deliberated nearly ten hours in deciding the fate of Fernando Rosada-Guzman of Philipsburg. During the deliberations, the Jury came back several times to ask the Judge questions on the charges, with most of the questions focusing on the issue of intent. That’s a major factor in the criminal definition of murder.

In finding Rosado-Guzman guilty of Third Degree Murder, the Jury also found him not guilty of First Degree Murder. There was also an issue of alcohol consumption and how that could impact intent. Evidence showed Rosado-Guzman had been drinking with a friend last August when they ran into the murder victim, Brian Lyncha. Lyncha was upset about a missing Bluetooth speaker. He and Rosado-Guzman got into a fight, and Lyncha died shortly after Rosada-Guzman stabbed him in the heart.

Rosado-Guzman claimed it was self defense, but the Jury decided otherwise. With the Third Degree Murder conviction, Rosado-Guzman could be facing a 20-40 year prison term. Sentencing is tentatively set for September.

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