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Red Cross Summer Blood Drive

During the summer months when students are out of school and many people go on vacation, blood banks experience a significant slow-down of donations according to the American Red Cross. Over the last two months there have been 50,000 fewer blood donations which is leading the organization to sound an alarm in hopes of bringing those numbers back up.

“We’re really looking for donors to come out this July to prevent a blood shortage, The American Red Cross has seen a concerning trend where we’re sending blood donations out to hospitals faster than they’re coming in to the Red Cross, faster than people are coming in to donate blood.”

Over 20% of donors are high school and college students which tend to be out during the summer.

“We typically do see a decrease in blood and platelet donations over the summer months, That’s for a couple of reasons. One being students getting out of school, starting up new summer activities so family’s schedules are kind of being switched up. Also, families going on vacation or traveling for the holidays.”

If it does come to a blood shortage, there can be many consequences for local healthcare facilities.

“If we do end up in a blood shortage which is what we’re trying to prevent right now, some of the things we could see is patient care being impacted at our local hospitals That could mean doctors are pushing back elective surgeries or they’re moving around treatment schedules for patients.”

The Red Cross is offering the usual gift card incentives but this year they’re also collaborating with SharkWeek to bring more people in by offering those who come donate, a chance to win a Shark Dive Adventure as well as a free T-shirt.

“The Red Cross needs donations of all blood types, Everything is important but especially Type O- and type B- blood donors and platelet donors are especially needed right now.”

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