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Parent Lockdown Reactions

THese calls causing Panic and concern from parents many running to their child’s school.

Stoker Wieczorek is in Altoona where parents tell us what happened when they heard Today’s news.

Parents at all the schools showed up looking for their children.

I’m standing outside the Altoona High School where one of these calls came in this Morning.

I talked to parents here. Many of them saying they were happy to see everyone safe.

“Really relieved, I remember when I was in high school and Columbine and all that, and the stress that was going through my mind. And I’m really relieved. Really happy, and I was on the phone with my daughter the whole time.”

What we do know is that students are now reunited with their parents.

They lined Sixth Avenue for hours Today, multiple blocks of moms, dads, and even distant relatives waiting to see their children. Police letting them in 4 at a time.

Parents tell me they’re glad that nothing else happened. Others say wish the school was clearer with the details as they contacted parents. One describing the panic … that their child said began in the classroom.

“The reason I’m here is my son actually turned his phone on and contacted me and said that a lot of the kids wanted to get out of there. That they weren’t comfortable being in school. Even though law enforcement did their job,
they’re very scared and they just want to get out of there.”

One parent telling me she was impressed with how the police officers handled the situation.

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